Surgeon Mallo Felment

Greek, unkempt surgeon.


Mallo is an average looking 25yr old Greek man, standing 5’8" tall and weighing 133lbs. He has tanned skin, green eyes, and brown hair – with strands of grey already starting to show.

He carries a knife at his belt and a smaller plugio on the opposite hip. Invariably, he sports a bloodstain or two on his clothes, indicative of his work as a surgeon who never seems to have time to clean everything. On his back he carries a small pack, filled with bandages and the surgical tools he was gifted by his patron, Iosephus Rex.


Mallo Felment was born and raised in the Greek city of Corinth. His mother, Chiore Felment was a housewife and his father, Pylaemenes Felment a wealthy doctor. Pylaemenes lacked an orderly and so often brought young Mallo along with him. Consequently, Mallo quickly became inured to the sometimes gruesome wounds his father dealt with.

As he grew older, Mallo began to show a true talent in the surgical theater, and by the age of 15 he was often called out on his own to save lives. He came to make a name for himself among some people in Corinth, and was soon contacted by a wealthy man: Iosephus Rex.

Iosephus gifted Mallo a custom made set of surgical tools, and offered to be his patrocinium. In return, Mallo was to go where Iosephus needed, when Iosephus needed, and heal those that Iosephus required to be healed. In essence, they established the bond of patron and client.

With Iosephus’ backing and connections, Mallo found himself working full time as a doctor and a surgeon. This skyrocketing success did not sit well with Mallo’s father Pylaemenes, who felt overshadowed by his son. The tension at home became palpable, and eventually erupted into a deafening row that ended with Mallo – now age 18 – packing his things and leaving to find a new home.

Mallo never did manage to settle down, and spent the next four years traveling to wherever Iosephus needed him, sewing wounds, amputating limbs, bleeding the sick, and putting to rest those that could not be helped. During this time he saved a farm hand, Euphalius, from death after the man was trampled by a horse. Euphalius subsequently lost his farm in a legal dispute and was taken in by Iosephus Rex.

In the year 408 AD, Mallo received a message from Iosephus: he was in Londinium and had need of a good doctor. A trade caravan would be picking him up on the morrow to bring him to where his patron required him.

Upon arrival, Mallo was seen to a house that Iosephus had set up for him, and told hat he was to set up his clinic there when it was needed. Waiting to greet him there was Euphalius, Mallo’s newly assigned orderly and bodyguard. As the months passed, it became evident that barbarians were rife, and Mallo soon found himself treating battle wounds on almost a weekly basis. Here, he decided, was where people needed him the most, and so long as Iosephus agreed, here was where Mallo would operate.

Surgeon Mallo Felment

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