Young, Curious, and Strong Willed




Evanna is the tenth child in a family of ten, and a member of the Venicones tribe. Her mother (Edwina) died six years ago from sickness in the winter, and her father (Alton) never quite recovered from the blow. Since then her brothers became increasingly involved in the running of the family farm, just south of Antonine’s wall. Her brothers proved to be dumber than a sack of rocks, and with her fathers failing health each crop brought in less than the last.

Edwina never had time to teach Evanna the skills she would require as a wife, and her brothers saved no money to attract potential suitors. Instead Evanna learned to ride horses, to shoot a bow, to wander. When it became clear that there may not be food enough for the next winter, she snuck out into the night. She took her horse Shirley, who was too small for working the field, and her dog Glenna, and set out into the world. She traveled from town to town, hunting and scavenging what she could and heading generally south. She found that there were plenty of men out in the world, willing to share a warm bed on a cold night.

For the last year she has traveled, talking and learning as she went. Her home is just a memory now. Her father is likely dead of dying, her brothers squabbling among themselves as the fields fail them. Now she looks to the future as she arrives in Londinum, penniless but eager, seeking work.

Evanna’s Armoury


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